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New on the Shelves, July 2019 II

Knife by Jo Nesbo The newest entry into the Scandinavian crime series starring Harry Hole (which I will never stop snickering about) in which our titular detective wakes up, hungover, hands covered in blood. is HE the murderer?! …Probably not but, like all Swedish mysteries, I’m sure it’ll be just as dark and disturbing as…
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MVUnity Planning Coversation

5/4 @ 11 Are you interested in sharing your ideas for a better MVU and community experience? Join the discussion to help determine the best methods for MVU and our community to share resources, information, and how to work together.

Intro to Dungeons & Dragons

What is D&D? Dungeons & Dragons is a cooperative (most of the time) role-playing game. Role-playing = you create a character using a character sheet to embody and act out. A dwarf fighter named Dwarfy McDwarfface; a wizard who is a hobbit and named Pip; Garyon of Kell, broody rogue – it’s ups to you. Game…
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September 2018 Agenda

Swanton Public Library Board of Trustees   AGENDA   Wednesday, September 12, 2018   7 PM at the Swanton Public Library       Welcome to all and call to order.   Items from the public   Secretary’s Minutes from August 8, 2018.   Treasurer’s Report.   Library Director’s Report.   Board issues:   Children’s…
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Lego Night

Tonight at Lego Night we built a neighborhood with houses, cars, and even an evil motorcycle!  Join us next Wednesday night at 5:00 for some more Lego fun.