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Intro to Dungeons & Dragons

Intro to Dungeons & Dragons

What is D&D?

Dungeons & Dragons is a cooperative (most of the time) role-playing game.

Role-playing = you create a character using a character sheet to embody and act out. A dwarf fighter named Dwarfy McDwarfface; a wizard who is a hobbit and named Pip; Garyon of Kell, broody rogue - it's ups to you.

Game = every action your character take is done through stats and the rolling of dice. Roll a 20? You just did something amazing. Roll a 1? ...You don't ever want to roll a 1.

For the rest of it, it's up to the game master who will lead you through a story of adventure, puzzles, exploration, investigation, or all of the above.

The only limit is one's  imagination. And we are very imaginative.

D&D sheet

Register at the Library for a unique adventure! (Probably no dragons, though. They're really too tough at the outset.)

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