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Summer Registration

Pre-registration is required for all summer programs.

Contact the Swanton Library at 868-7656 or use the Sign Up link below!


  • June 15
  • 11 AM
  • Everyone is welcome!
Start off Summer Reading right! Come to library, sign up for the reading challenge and the chance to win prizes during our End of Summer Reading Celebration!


  • August June 17 - June 21
  • 1-3 PM
  • Ages 7 - 12

A lot of educational research has shown the many cognitive benefits of playing great games! Participants will make and play their own illustrated board games, design a Dungeons and Dragons adventure, invent and play a cool version of Battleship, and more!


  • June 28
  • 1 PM
  • Ages 7 - 12

This year's puppet shows are Little Red Riding Hood and The Elves & the Shoemaker!


  • July 8-12
  • 10 AM – noon
  • Ages 7 - 12

Becky Rupp's History Camp is back again! Join us for a five-day tour of world history! We'll be learning about barbarian tribes, ancient India, Central America, and Russia, while building model Stonehenges and working catapults, and making Aztec masks, worry dolls, spectacular Faberge eggs, and more - and then we'll take a trip to the future while firing rockets and building solar towers.


  • July 22-26
  • 1-3 PM
  • Ages 7 - 12

Author Becky Rupp will read a favorite chapter book - your pick; we'll vote! (Harry PotterThe HobbitThe Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeThe Giver?) Each day we'll also make cool book-related crafts, including decorated canvas book bags, personal journals, monster bookmarks, Fandango puppets, and pop-up cards!


  • July 29 - August 2
  • 10 AM – noon
  • Ages 7 - 12

Calling all young scientists and engineers! A week of fun STEM-based activities, including making (and flying) flying saucers, building (and racing) balloon-powered cars, making a noodlebot and a Hexbug maze, and much more! Breakfast and lunch provided!


  • August 13
  • 6 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Ages 7+
  • $10

The summer is ending, and it's your chance to bling your Back to School paraphernalia! Supplies will be provided as well as journals to composition notebooks to decorate, but bring any item(s) you want to make spectacular!


  • August 19 - 23
  • 10 AM - noon
  • Ages 7 - 12
  • $20

We’ll learn about the moon, the sun, and planets, stars, and space travel, all with hands-on activities – including making 3-D moon maps, sunprints and pinhole sun viewers, solar sails, star finders, and more! There will be a $20 fee for this camp, which includes FREE ADMISSION to the visit from the spectacular VINS StarLab at 10 AM on Friday, August 23. (Admission for non-camp members: $10.)


  • August 23
  • 11 AM
  • Ages 7 - 12
  • $10

Take a tour of the night sky with the Vermont Institute of Natural Science and their new, portable planetarium! StarLab will let you explore the many different celestial bodies, and learn about the many ways that different cultures around the world have interacted with their night sky. This exciting new program from VINS is $10 for students, but FREE for attendees of Astronomy Camp.


  • August 24
  • 11 AM
  • Ages 7 - 12

Huzzah! We'll be awarding prizes, celebrating the books we've read, and making some fabulous art together to bring this season to a close!