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Book Review | Last Bus to Everland

Last Bus to Everland

by Sophie Cameron

This book made me cry, and cry, and cry again. Last Bus to Everland is about Brody Fair who feels like nothing is going right in his life and that nobody understands him. That is until he meets Nico, a boy who shows him Everland. Everland is a place like no other, a whole new world where everything is perfect and Brody feels like he belongs. But soon the doors to Everland start disappearing and it’s time for Brody to make a choice: does he stay in Everland with Nico forever or return to the real world?

Cameron really made these characters come alive, I felt their pain and cried with them (probably cried through the last five chapters!). I am also a big Peter Pan fan and I enjoyed all the little references sprinkled in, plus Everland itself that’s much like Neverland. I absolutely adored the LGBTQIA+ representation and it really echoed my own experiences with trying to be yourself and not worry about what others think.

I loved this book and I can’t wait to read more from this author!

Reviewed by Finley Gelsimino

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