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Book Review | Her Royal Highness

Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

You’ve all heard this type of story before: a commoner somehow finds themselves hanging out with royalty and falling in love with each other. But instead of it being your typical normal girl finds her prince, we have a normal girl finding her princess!

Her Royal Highness is about Millie Quint, fresh off a heartbreak, and glad to be heading to school as far away as possible from Houston Texas and all the way to the rolling Highlands of Scotland. The only problem is that her roommate is a princess, the actual princess of Scotland.

This book was honestly everything I wanted it to be: likable characters, great plot, great writing, and a queer romance treated as something normal. I am so happy to see these type of books coming out more and more, especially for LGBTQIA+ kids that get to grow up with positive stories about themselves. 

Reviewed by Finley Gelsimino

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