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New in Non-Fiction

New in Non-Fiction


by Jared Diamond

A history of how nations deal with and survive turbulent times.

The British are Coming

by Rick Atkinson

Having won the Pulitzer Prize for his three part history of World War II, Atkinson is turning his impressive historical eye to the founding war of the soon-to-be United States.

Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered

by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff

Part autobiography, part How To, Hardstark and Kilgariff transport the success of their popular podcast to book form.

Every Tool's a Hammer

by Adam Savage

The new book by Master Maker Adam Savage is a personal guide of how to create, stay on target, and not stop even when projects get you down.

A History of the Bible

by John Barton

No biggee. Just the history of the most influential book in all of human history. Barton is more interested in finding the historical roots of the bible than in explaining the religious interpretation of them.

Policing the Open Road

by Sarah Seo

The coming of the interstate highway changed our expectations of government oversight, the police, and how American culture worked.

No Visible Bruises

by Rachel Louise Snyder

Snyder dives deep into the unseen wounds of domestic violence, often unreported and misunderstood.


by David Epstein

How it's not bad to be a generalist. Omg I hope so...


by Michael Wolff

Michael Wolff's salacious new book about the dysfunction at the heart of the Trump administration. His last book was, ahem, ethically suspect, and not a great example of journalism...but it was entertaining?

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