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September 2018 Board Minutes

September 2018 Board Minutes

Swanton Public Library

Board of Trustees

September 13, 2018


The regular meeting of the Swanton Public Library Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, September 13, 2018. In attendance at the meeting were:



Rebecca Rupp, Chairman

Kathy Kneebone, Secretary

Sarah Tanner, Trustee,

Kathy Messier, Treasurer

Ron Kilburn, Trustee

Michelle Beaulieu, Director

Judy Paxman, Swanton Arts Council


  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05


  1. Items from the public, Judy Paxman and Joanne Reiter were present to discuss the Edwin Church Writer’s Award. They made a request of the library for financial assistance to publish the writing entries in a pamphlet that we could have available at the library for a cost of $5. A motion was made to put $100 toward publishing the book. (KK/ST motion and second) motion passed.


  1. Motion was made to accept the August minutes (KM/KK motion, second) motion passed.


  1. Kathy Messier presented the warrants for August as well as the budget. The proposed budget for 2019 was reviewed.


  1. Michelle will write protocols to be left at the front desk for how to deal with the elevator/sump pump alarm and for proper procedure for closing the library. All employees should know what/where these protocols are. It was agreed that if the alarm goes off again, and we are unable to shut the alarm off, the library would be closed while we take care of the situation.



Michelle will contact the necessary people to see if we can install a breaker or other way of turning off the sump pump alarm once we have been alerted to the problem.  Michelle will also make a master list of computer passwords and other essential information.


Kathy K will contact Eric Austin about being an on-call maintenance person for the library.

Michelle will send the monthly newsletter directly to the trustees.


Ron will look into issues of building repair and maintenance.


Becky will get figures from Cathy Fournier and contact the select board about the town employee positions.


Dale’s last cleaning date is 9/29/18. Michelle asked to take this position over. Motion made to have Michelle take on the cleaning of the library for 3 months and to regroup and decide how to proceed. KM/RK (motion and second) motion passed.


  1. Director’s Report attached.

Reader’s Theater will not start up right away while we continue to look fill our Children’s Librarian position. Casper’s Attic and Halloween Crafting will be October 13th.

  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35.


  1. The Next scheduled Board meeting is October 10, 2018.





Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Kneebone, Secretary

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