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July, 2018 Minutes

July, 2018 Minutes

Swanton Public Library

Board of Trustees

July 11, 2018


The regular meeting of the Swanton Public Library Board of Trustees was held on, Wednesday, July 11, 2018. In attendance at the meeting were:


Becky Rupp, Chair

Kathy Kneebone, Secretary

Kathy Messier, Treasurer

Sarah Tanner, Trustee

Michelle Beaulieau, Director

Danielle Cotte, Youth Librarian

June Lamphere, Representing The King’s Daughters


  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05
  2. June Lamphere was present to discuss the sent by the library to the King’s Daughters on May 10, 2018. After much discussion it was clear that we will continue to disagree regarding the ownership of the room. Still, the library hopes that the King’s Daughters in the future will participate in library programs and events, and will make an effort to keep them informed of activities that they might like to take part in.

The library will continue to work on clearing the KD room in order to create a more attractive and livable space for all.

  1. Motion to accept the May minutes (KM/KK) motion passed.
  2. Motion to accept the June warrants (KK/ST) motion passed.
  3. Director’s Report: See detailed report, attached.
  4. Michelle agreed that the library should participate in the townwide Arts Spectacular, to take place on August 25th. It was agreed to purchase a tent to be used for that and other events. The library will be sharing tent space with local authors sponsored by the Swanton Writers Group.
  5. It was decided to use a portion of the recently received $1,000 memorial donation to purchase a book bike for the library. The remainder of the donation will be applied to library programming.
  6. The library book sale is Saturday, July 28 from 10-2. Set-up will take place of Friday, July 27, 1-5 PM. Any volunteer help is welcome.
  7. There are numerous programs happening this summer including the 2 weeks of Becky Rupp’s History Camp, and Nicole Gadous’s “All About Me Selfie Art Camp.” Danielle and Michelle will split time at the NOTCH camp in August as well, and Becky will be doing a CLiF presentation there.
  8. Board Issues: Due to the length of the meeting, board issues have been tabled to the next meeting.
  9. The next scheduled Board meeting is Wednesday, August 8, 2018.                                                                    




Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Kneebone, Secretary


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