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January 2017 Board Minutes

January 2017 Board Minutes

Swanton Public Library

Board of Trustees

January 11, 2017


The regular meeting of the Swanton Public Library Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, January 11, 2017. In attendance at the meeting were:


Rebecca Rupp, Chairman

Kathy Kneebone, Secretary

Paul Foisy, Trustee, via phone

Kathy Messier, Treasurer

Michelle Beaulieu, Library Director

Adam Noel to review our new website


  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05
  2. Adam Noel presented our new website which is up and running. We were able to review and make suggestions for changes and editing which will be done.
  3. Motion to accept the December minutes (KM/PF motion and second) motion passed
  4. Treasure’s report was presented by Kathy Messier, Motion to accept the January warrants was made (KK/PF motion and second) motion passed.
  5. Director’s Report, More than 1600 patrons visited the library this month, 196 patrons accessed the library computers, and as of 1/11/17, our patron count is 1484. Holiday programs in December were well attended, with 9 adults and 22 children attending Cookie Decorating, and 16 adults and 24 children at  Tiny Tree & Crafts. Dungeons and Dragons meets on Mondays and Thursdays with 5-8 teen and young adults each week. While the Lego Club has had low to no attendance, tonight there were 5 attending and 3 new library cards were issued to those attending. Reader’s Theater continues to be steady with 12 children, 1 parent volunteer, and 1 teen volunteer each week. Through the Swanton School Extension Thursdays, the library has served approximately 150 students in first and second grade in 10 sessions. The Writers group continues with 7 adults. The after school movie day brought in 75 children! Upcoming event of Valentine Crafts will be on February 4th from 11 to 1. Money from copies, conscience jar, coffee, and book sale totaled $82. Director priorities are cleaning and reorganization, shelving, new website and the Maker’s Space area.
  6. Budget Update: The budget for 2017 has been accepted and includes a separate line item to bring the youth librarian position to a full time status. A suggestion was made to work on a  3 to 5 year plan to be more prepared and aware of what we will be in need of and requesting in the future.
  7. Building improvements 2017: Discussion of bringing someone in to look at the roof and flashing of the building. We also discussed replacing the carpeting throughout the library as it is stained and torn in many areas.
  8. A Lamp in Winter’s Dark: Early Vermont Lighting, presented by Fred Wiseman will be January 22nd 2-4 pm.
  9. Harry Potter Night is Thursday, February 2nd at 5 pm. Planning meeting is Tuesday, January 17 at noon.
  10. Sunday Salon: The Swanton Historical Society is looking to have programs on Sunday afternoons at the library. Discussion of who would be responsible and need to be there, with a firm decision that due to overtime payment for salaried employees, Michelle is not to be required to be there. It was decided that it would not require Michelle to be present.
  11. Poetry Read: Discussion was had and will continue to offer a poetry program at the library.
  12.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:15.
  13.  The Next scheduled Board meeting is February 8, 2017.




Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Kneebone, Secretary



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