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Guilt-free Books for the Holidays

Christmas is less than four weeks away (yes, I KNOW), and if you are anything like us you like to a.) receive from, and b.) give books to your family, friends, and loved ones. 

In these not-very-good times, it’s more important than ever to think about WHERE you’re getting your reading material, and there are easy ways to support your local economy while still amassing a tower of literature on the night stand (or under the tree).

Library Extension is a handy little add-on for your web browser which will tell you if a book on Amazon is available at your local library. Just install it, select your library (us, in this case), and give yourself the gift of options.

If that doesn’t float your boat (we may be librarians but we like owning our books, too), is an online alternative to Amazon. They give away 10% of their profits to local bookstores to help keep these amazing-yet-threatened businesses open.

More specifically, The Eloquent Page is OUR local bookstore in St. Albans. (They have an affiliate page with HERE.) With a large catalog of new and used books, you can order online and have items delivered to your door. They’re also a member of the Vermont Antiquarian Booksellers Association, so if you have any dusty tomes you want to know more about you can ask Donna. It’s dead simple, and the best way to give books this year (or any year). 

There you have it. Happy shopping, and if you need any advice for a hard-to-please family member, don’t hesitate to ask for a suggestion!

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