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COVID-19 and the Swanton Public Library

The Swanton Public Library is a central community hub for the town and village – an honor, but also a concern during a public health crisis like the one the country is currently facing.

COVID-19 is not the flu. It is deadlier, especially to vulnerable populations. Additionally, due to the lack of testing kits available it is impossible to ascertain how widespread coronavirus infection is in any given community. Therefore, it has fallen to local municipalities and organizations to determine the best course forward – with the health and safety of visitors and staff our priority.

Here are the steps we are currently taking in light of this situation. Please refer to the websites for the Vermont Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization. Links to these resources are available at our website:

Cleanliness at the Library:

We regularly sanitize surfaces, doorknobs, handles, and computers throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is available to patrons and they are asked to use it before interacting with computers.

We are sanitizing books and movies before reshelving them.

We have removed hard to clean toys from the Children’s Room.

Programs at the Library:

We will be cancelling programs on a case-by-case basis, depending on their expected attendance and scope. Further cancellations, if necessary, will be considered during a special meeting of the Library Board of Trustees. We are experimenting with offering online events through Facebook Live for anyone unable to attend physically.

Individual Health:

If you are sick, are exposed to someone who is sick, or are 60 years or older, simply avoid the library and other heavily trafficked public spaces as much as possible. Social isolation is the only tool we currently have to mitigate the spread of this virus, and your decisions are a crucial part of that. We hate to not see our patrons, but your health and safety are more important than our circulation numbers.

If you do come to the library, please wash your hands diligently. Remember, you’re not just protecting your health but the health of vulnerable people around you.

Home Deliveries:

For anyone unable to leave their home, contact the library and we will arrange home delivery for you.

Online Services:

Our library catalog is available on our website where you can also find information about how to use your library card to check out electronic and digital audiobooks.

Future Closure:

If the Swanton schools close to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the area, the library will consider closing as well.  Please contact the library if you have questions about whether we are open to the public, or check out our website or Facebook page for announcements.

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  1. Helen Boucher

    I totally agree with your thinking and your actions. It all starts with each of us, and that is what you’re doing.

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