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Cast On, Bind Off! The Knitting Circle is Here.

I'm not going to spin you a long yarn, or needle you with all the knitty gritty details - you've got places to be and don't want the wool pulled over your eyes.

The Knitting Circle is pretty cool (I'm out of puns). They've been making a lot of hats, a blanket, I've heard tell of gloves entering the mix. They laugh, like, a LOT. I mean, I've gone over there a few times to shush them but I thought they would skein me alive (okay, one more pun).

Barbara, who created the group, offers instruction when needed - I can now cast on and purl, thank you very much - and she has patterns and various knitting magazines available for inspiration. The library has a large collection of needles and crochet hooks, as well as a supply of YARN thanks to the kind and generous donations of people like YOU!

Join Barb (and sometimes me) Mondays from 5 - 6:30. I'm sure you'll get hooked! (Heheh, I still got it...)

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