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Book Review | The Spies of Shilling Lane

Book Review | The Spies of Shilling Lane

The Spies of Shilling Lane by Jennifer Ryan

Set during World War II, the abrasive and indomitable Mrs. Braithwaite – following a painful divorce – has been ostracized and booted from her position as head of the local Women’s Volunteer Service. So she heads to London, in search of her brilliant daughter Betty, who proves to be missing. In company with Betty’s landlord, the initially reluctant Mr. Norris, Mrs. Braithwaite is soon embroiled in an effort to defeat a Nazi plot – as well as facing an examination of her own beliefs. How, after all, do you measure the success of your life?

If you like this one, also see Ryan’s The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir, set in the same time period.

Reviewed by Rebecca Rupp


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