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In recent times we have prided ourselves on the positively beautiful book displays our librarian, Barb, has crafted since she joined us a little while ago.  She is simply talented in ways none of us are; in fact, every time we wander into the library and see a new display she has arranged, we let out an uncontrollable squeal of pure joy at the sight that lies before us.  Barb may or may not be slightly uncomfortable at these revelations, but alas, it is our reality.

So what are these displays like, you may be asking yourself now? You stroke your chin thoughtfully, thinking “I bet I could make JUST as good a display as Barb could!” Sure, we hear you.  But Barb is really good. She puts a ton of thought and care into these displays, and we cherish her talents!

What makes for a great display at a library?  One would think books would be enough – but as with food, dates, and meeting your surgeon for the first time, presentation can be quite important. At the library, we feel similarly.  So far, Barb has shown us that careful use of props – and even how the books themselves are placed with the props – can lend to a rather impressive visual. Color, plants, and printouts of shocked face stock photos can also add to the overall effect.

Below are some of the beautiful displays Barb has formulated during her time here:

The Banned Book display, utilizing flame imagery arising from these blasted books to further drive home the evil within them:

Shocked faces are quite attention-grabbing, no?

Her display for Staff Picks:

The Fall Reading Challenge Display, complete with leaves and color coordination!


So thank you Barb, for all that you do.  Your efforts have made coming into the library as of late an even further enjoyable experience.  

If you haven’t gotten into the Swanton Public Library to see these great displays for yourself, you should! We are open Mondays 2pm – 7pm, Wednesdays 10am – 7pm, and Saturdays from 10am – 2pm, and by appointment other times during the week. Call us at 802-868-7656 if you have any questions!





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