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August 2018 Board Minutes

August 2018 Board Minutes

Swanton Public Library

Board of Trustees meeting

August 8, 2018


In attendance: Becky Rupp, Chair; Kathy Messier, Sarah Tanner, and Ron Kilburn, trustees; Judy Paxman and Anita Michele Parah, Swanton Arts Council.


Judy Paxman and Anita Michele Parah presented a plan for a single-concept art show, “Emotion Speaks,” to be held at the Swanton Library. The show will consist of themed works on 8×8 canvases, to be displayed at the library for a period of a month or so. A registration fee of $5 will be charged per participant.


The Arts Council will provide:


Artist registration

Set-up and take-down of art display

Set-up and hosting for opening reception

Curating of collection

Return of artworks to participants

Media contacts and press releases

Creation of posters, registration forms, and show cards

Social media promotion

Video and photo records of the collection


The library agreed to allocate $200 to fund this project. Motion by Kathy Messier, second by Ron Kilburn.


The minutes from July 11, 2018, with added amendments, were accepted. Motion by Kathy Messier, second by Sarah Tanner.


The warrants and budget report for July and checkbook reconciliations for March-July were reviewed and accepted, with the exception of Ron Kilburn whose tenure on the board has only started as of today’s meeting.


Kathy reported that Unifirst has increased the cost of rug cleaning by $60/month. It was agreed that Kathy will contact the company about the possibility of reducing our rug-cleaning commitment to six months (December to May).


Michelle has requested quotes from James Guillmette for repair of the upstairs First-Street-facing windows and for necessary outside painting.


The Director’s Report showed 2,193 library visitors for the month of July, with 41 new library cards issued. High-attendance programs in July included Music & Movement for children, a campfire and story-telling get-together at the Depot Museum (funded by the Promise Community), Fairytale and Fantasy Gardens, Tom Castonguay’s guitar lessons, and Becky Rupp’s two-week History Camp.


Michelle plans to host another campfire program at the Depot Museum, for which Scott Martell and Tom Castonguay have agreed to provide entertainment.


The Annual Book Sale, held for two days in July, made $375. Sixteen boxes of leftover books were donated to the Northwest State Correctional Facility.


Since it was clear that Michelle and staff needed more help with the book sale, it was decided to make an effort to create an active volunteer group. We will prepare a list of potential volunteer activities, will actively recruit volunteers, and will host a meeting/reception to inaugurate the program.


Michelle has arranged for substitute staff to fill in after August 18, when Danielle Cotte leaves the library. It was agreed to pay the substitutes an hourly minimum wage.


Applicants for the open children’s librarian position were discussed, though no decisions can be made until the interview process is complete. Michelle will continue to arrange for candidate interviews with trustee attendance.


The library will participate in the Swanton Art Spectacular on August 25. Both Becky and Michelle will be there from 9 – 2. The library will provide sale books and library card sign-up forms; the Swanton Writers Group will be hosting local authors.


It was decided to pursue a request to make the library full-time personnel town employees. Becky will contact Betsy Fournier for information about the Swanton Recreation Commission town employees.


Submitted by Becky Rupp, for Kathy Kneebone


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