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KDR Restoration


Goal: $15,000


The King's Daughters Room

The Swanton Public Library's cornerstone was first laid in 1915 on land donated by the King's Daughters, and it was through their charity that the Library exists today. (Also, look them up in general: before there was a library they organized the first "reading rooms" in Swanton that served as a proto-library for the town in the 19th century. They were cool cats.) In the 105 years since, the King's Daughters Room (KDR) has been lightly occupied, and over the years has become worn by the sun and dust and time.
The KDR is a beautiful space, with hard woods floors, tall ceilings, and elegant windows. It just needs a little TLC!

Historical Preservation Grant

The Swanton Library and Town of Swanton have received a grant to do a total restoration of the old windows and casements of the Library which will bring them back to good working order and prevent any further damage from occurring. Additionally, we will be repairing the cracking plaster of the walls, painting, adding drapery, and generally freshening up the space so that it'll serve the community for the remainder of the 21st century!
This grant will pay for almost HALF of the total cost.  However we need your help to get the rest of the way.

How will this benefit Swanton?

The KDR is a beautiful, formal meeting room, and making these necessary repairs will allow it to be used by the community for events and functions. We are also discussing with the Swanton Historical Society about moving their museum into the space, so that the history of our town will be accessible in a room best able to feature it. 
Please consider giving to this project and helping us preserve the space that helped create the Library to begin with!